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Viniagra aims to develop touristic projects in their properties in the near future which remain under the management of the company.

Currently, Viniagra is receiving and studying proposals in the area of rural tourism and for the development of a tourist resort in the region, which will include wine tourism.

The vineyards managed by Viniagra em São Lourenço do Douro have a prime location on the Douro River with a wonderful view. They are located 65 km from city of Porto, 66 km from the airport and 1 km from the city of Alpendorada, 3km from the Bitetos pier, in Várzea do Douro, one of the largest ports in the Douro River, with river beach and yacht club. In the neighbouring Sande it is possible to visit the well-known river beach Vimieiro and also a hunting and fishing club.

Through the future Vinigra project, tourists will be able to participate in activities such as wine grape harvest, the winery visits, wine tastings, etc., besides being able to enjoy the attractions that the region offers.

On the website of the Municipality of Marco Canaveses it is possible to obtain information and images of the region.